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Below are some commonly asked questions we get about Glulam and other terms used frequently in our business. If your question isn’t listed here, please contact us – we’re only too happy to help.

What is Glulam?



What does PC or PRE Camber mean?



Glulam to LVL Comparison



What’s the difference between Posts & Beams?



How to order Glulam product?



Cost of Glulam?



Availability of Glulam?



Fire Ratings of Glulam Products



What is Structural Glulaminated Timber Flooring?



How to look after Glulam?



Glulam Acoustics



When to use Glulam?



Efficiency of Prefabrication


What is the difference between SG8, G8 & GL8?



Can you laminate any timber?



Do I need to coat my glulam with anything?



Can I replace other Building Products with Glulam?



How & Why to use Glulam?



What do UT, H1.2, H3.2, H4, H5 & H6 Mean?



Sustainability of Glulam



What is Biophilia?



Glulam Connections



Glulam Performance



What is Timber Design?



I need help with my glulam design?


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