Pak ‘n Save Covered Car Park


Location: Petone, Wellington

Client: Foodstuffs NZ/Pak n Save Petone

Architect: Archaus

Structural Engineer: mlb Consulting Engineers

Builder: Naylor Love

Products Used: Curved & Tapered Rafters, Leaf Connections to Laminated Portal Posts

Date: Summer 2013

Our Challenge

To efficiently cover a large car park area while keeping the Supermarket fully operational.

The original design for this canopy used structural steel, but with the issue of corrosion due to the proximity to the coast made a structural laminated structure far more appealing. We worked with the client to reverse engineer the structure in Laminated Timber.

Our Solution

A significant project with careful planning and collaboration with the client’s architect and structural engineer from an early stage of the project, delivered a unique solution to the client’s requirements. Techlam supplied the entire structure, including all structural steelwork and hardware. This showcases a good example of Engineered Timber Products being used, with a stunning end result. Working with the main contractors on site to efficiently stage the project, meant the super market remained open. Interestingly, another issue for the client was birds nesting and sheltering under the canopy! The timber solution completely removed this problem!

Client Feedback

“In late 2012 Petone Pak ‘n Save and Foodstuffs Wellington approached Naylor Love to come up with a Car park canopy.

After numerous discussions it was decided to use Techlam NZ to produce the totally wooden structure to be assembled by Naylor Love as opposed to a steel structure.

The whole process went like clockwork and no issue was a problem for Techlam. We have had literally hundreds of positive comments from customers, architects and builders local and overseas on our decision to go with the laminated timber and how it looks so in sync with the environment. Had we chosen to go with the Steel construction alternative this would not have been the case.

There was also a strong case for the timber alternative as the Steel structure would have required a lot more ongoing maintenance being so close to the ocean.

The completed structure not only looks magnificent, it is completely functional and is a credit to Techlam NZ.
I hope the Petone Pak’n Save canopy is the first of many produced by Techlam “

Leo O’Sullivan ~ Pak’ n Save Petone

Case Studies

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Pak n’ Save Covered Carpark

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Fiji Marriott Resort

The resort was in a less than half finished state, Techlam had to identify which parts of the structure had to be replaced, which parts could be kept and reinstated the remainder that had never been manufactured.


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