Case Study

Murihiku Marae

  • Location
  • Client
    Waihōpai Rūnaka
  • Architect
    Boon Team Architects
  • Structural Engineer
    Beca Structural Engineers
  • Construction Company
    Henderson Construction
  • Date
  • Carbon Sequestered
    58 Tonne

Focused on Sustainability

Our Challenge
Techlam worked with Henderson Construction right from the beginning to ensure a coordinated modelling and delivery process was achieved.
Sustainability was the key focus of the project. All timber was FSC certified, and the site had strict rules on materials and wastage.
Government funding for the project specified firm completion dates, and the sketchy supply environment at the time added an extra layer of challenges to the mix. So more than ever, working closely with the construction and design teams was vital to ensure we would deliver the project on time.

The Techlam Solution
Techlam collaborated closely with Beca, the engineers, as the modelling was complex and many of the parts of the structure didn’t fit together. We reviewed their modelling and helped them fine tune and refine the designs to make them work. Techlam advised pre-start meetings with Henderson Construction to rehearse the construction sequencing – the best way to lift and stand the portals, how and where to erect the structure. Henderson had experienced big supply issues with steel and other suppliers, so we flexed and adapted our manufacturing schedule to suit the changing game plan.
Techlam's team is a mix of diverse cultural backgrounds which helps us understand and embrace different cultural perspectives, ultimately adding value and meaning to the mahi we do.

Products Used

Techlam Curved Glulam Beams

The glulam curves make up the stunning whalebone effect along one side of the structure.


Glulam Roof Beams & Columns

All exposed internally, the Techlam beams and columns make up the main building structure.

Brent Henderson

Project Manager

Henderson Construction

“"Techlam is one of our major out-of-town suppliers for the project, and they have acted the same as anybody that we would have used locally, they’ve done everything we would expect them to, so thanks for being a part of the collaboration.””

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