Glulaminated Visual Appearance Grades

Techlam Trade’s Visual Appearance Grades are the best choice for any application where timber members are exposed to view.

Suitable for veranda beams or feature rafters, our Visual Appearance Grade timbers will give your project a high quality finish.

Standard specifications

Visual defects filled
Sanded on all sides
One coat of temporary sealer applied for protection during construction period.
Treatment options: UT, H1.2, H3.2, H5

Optional specifications

Bandsawn finish
Larger dimensions
Lengths to 20m+


Glulaminated Visual Appearance Grades

The Techlam Trade Visual Appearance grades are your answer for any application where timber members are exposed to view.

Glulaminated Utility/Non-visual Grades

The Techlam Trade utility grades are the solution for any application where strength and value for money is more important than visual appearance.

Premium Posts

Techlam Trade premium posts are a high quality post for any demanding visual application.


Techlam Eziposts™ are a great value option for less critical appearance uses than the Premium Posts

Structural Laminated Flooring

The Techlam structural flooring system is a cost effective alternative to traditional mezzanine floors.

Glulam Portals

Laminated timber portal frames are a long established structural solution providing large spans at a cost effective price to other materials such as steel.

Curved Beams

Curved glulam timber beams have long been a cost effective form of construction, both for strength and design capabilities.

Structural Laminated Posts

Laminated posts are an effective solution to the problems that arise from usage of solid timber products.

Connection Detailing

With many years of experience and qualified joiners on the team, Techlam can source and pre-fit many different types of structural timber connections

Curved Fascia

Techlam Curved Fascia can be supplied in any size or shape, off plans or even manufactured exactly as per templates supplied.

Rafter Beams

Rafter beams are an ideal application for glulaminated timber. Lightweight, strong and aesthetically pleasing, laminated timber is far superior to solid timber.

Laminated Round Poles

For a unique form of post, try our laminated pole range. By using dry laminated timber for the base material, you gain stability and aesthetic benefits.

Curved Framing Plates

Curves in your structure? Laminated framing plates are the answer to forming an accurate radius for your wall and roof framing.

Glulam Bridges

Glulam bridges are a tried and proven answer to many bridging requirements. The high strength to weight ratio of laminated timber gives a lightweight and cost effective solution.


We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your requirements.