Premium Posts

A high quality, customisable post that will make a statement in any setting.

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Structural posts without limits

Techlam Trade premium posts are the perfect solution for any demanding visual application. The range is highly customisable, with a selection of size and finish options to suit your project.

Standard specifications

  • Filled, sanded and sealed.
  • Supplied to your exact length requirements.
  • Square dimensions 88×88, 112×112, 135×135, 180×180, 225×225, 270×270
  • UT, H1.2, H3.2 and H5 treatment options.

Optional specifications

  • Band sawn
  • Specific sizing
  • Lengths to 20m+
  • GL10 and GL12 posts available


Key Features

Outstanding quality and strength

A superior visual product ideal for verandas or pergolas where appearance is important. Available pre-primed and in a variety of high quality finishes.

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