Structural Laminated Flooring

Techlam laminated flooring is strong and durable, with a finished look of natural timber that adds warmth, style and character to any décor.

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Laminated flooring and ceiling solutions

Our range of laminated flooring is available in Grade A Visual or Utility non-visual finishes and is manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1328:1998 and AS5068.

T&G flooring, supplied with or without V, is manufactured from random lengths of timber (Radiata Pine), which are finger jointed and glued together to form continuous laminations.

Available in two widths 300mm and 240mm, and in thicknesses of 42mm to 135mm, this product can be manufactured to any length to suit your specifications.

Techlam structural laminated flooring is also an excellent solution for ceilings, giving a warm timber look and often eliminating the need for fire ratings that the use of Gib requires.

Techlam Laminated T&G Flooring Span Tables provide the engineered solutions specific for use and degree of allowable vibration.

Download pass™ sheets and Span Tables for Techlam Structural Flooring below.


Key Features

Floors and ceilings covered

An excellent solution for floors and ceilings. Available in any length to suit your specifications. All laminated flooring and ceiling glulam timber is manufactured in accordance with New Zealand’s latest building regulations.

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