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Technical Downloads


Click the links below to view and download important technical information. This information includes: Span Tables, Maintenance & Warranty Information Sheets, Product Technical Statements, as well as many other useful documents. Techlam NZ is constantly updating these documents so please ensure that your version matches the versions listed below.

Span Tables & Alternative Charts
Techlam CAD and BIM Downloads

Techlam CAD/BIM Downloads

To further improve our offering to our clients, we have been in consultation with leading designers and CAD/BIM technicians about the type and format of files they use.

We used the insights we gained from this research to create a full range of Techlam CAD & BIM files which are available for download below.

Techlam Profiles in .rfa format

Techlam Posts in .rfa format

Techlam Flooring in .rfa format

Techlam Beams in .rfa format

Should you have any immediate requirement for assistance, please contact our CAD/BIM Manager Jose George –

He will be only too happy to assist.

Techlam pass™ Statements
Techlam provides Product Assurance Supplier Statements (pass™). These statements have been prepared in accordance with MBIE’s Guidance.

These statements show how our products meet their obligations under s14G of the Building Act 2004. It is expected that these statements will be included in any building consent application as it will assist a council to establish on reasonable grounds that our products will meet the provisions of the NZ Building Code.

Techlam’s pass™ sheets are controlled documents when in electronic format, therefore before submitting one of our pass™, please ensure you have the current version by downloading below.

icon-pdfStructural Laminated Posts and Beams pass™

This statement applies to Standard Techlam Glulaminated Timber products. (871 kb)

icon-pdf Structural Laminated T&G Flooring pass™

This statement applies to Techlam Structural Laminated Timber Flooring. (882 kb)

icon-pdfStructural Laminated Architectural Portals pass™

This statement applies to specifically engineered Techlam Structural Laminated Timber Portals. (701 kb)

Warranty Statements and Technical Information
icon-pdfTechlam Maintenance and Warranty Information

From the 1st January 2015 it is mandatory for builders to provide maintenance, guarantee and warranty information to homeowners for projects over $30 000. This download contains important maintenance and warranty information for Techlam Structural Products (2.2 MB)

icon-pdfTechlam Product Installation Guide

Techlam provides this manual strictly as an installation guide only.
If in doubt, we strongly recommend that you seek appropriate professional advice, or call our technical team on 0800 832 452 (2.7 MB)

icon-pdfChecking & Cracking in Laminated Timber

Download this document for a detailed explanation of the different cracks and checking sometimes observed in structural laminated timber (3 MB)

icon-pdfTechlam Glulam Specifications & Characteristics

This document provides an informative overview of the different grades and strengths of glulam, as well as useful information regarding it’s manufacture (1.5 MB)

icon-pdfFabricated Joint Examples

Looking for inspiration? This simple download contains many helpful images showing possible solutions to structural (and visual) joints (1.8 MB)

Techlam NZ Licenses and Certification
icon-pdfJowat Jowapur System Durability Letter

Download a letter confirming our adhesive compliance with AS/NZS 1328.1:1998 (232 kB)

icon-pdfTechlam NZ License No. 2682

Download Techlam NZ Licence No. 2682 for AS/NZS 1328:1998 for Glued Laminated Structural Timber (74 kB)

icon-pdfTechlam NZ License No. 2683

Download Techlam NZ Licence No. 2683 for AS5068, Timber Finger Joints in Structural Products
(76 kB)

icon-pdfTechlam NZ SGS-COC-010729 – FSC-C130502

Download Techlam NZ Forest Stewardship Council, Chain of Custody Certification. Our License numbers are SGS-COC-010729 – FSC-C130502 (1 MB)