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Warranty Statements and Technical Information

Techlam Company Profile (3.58 MB)
Our business has evolved over the past 25 years to meet the changing needs of architects and structural designers, but has retained the family values and integrity Techlam was built on.
Techlam Maintenance and Warranty Infomation (2.00 MB)
From the 1st January 2015 it is mandatory for builders to provide maintenance, guarantee and warranty information to homeowners for projects over $30,000. This download contains important maintenance and warranty information for Techlam Structural Products.
Techlam Product Installation Guide (1.17 MB)
Techlam provides this manual strictly as an installation guide only. If in doubt, we strongly recommend that you seek appropriate professional advice, or call our technical team on 0800 832 452.
Checking & Cracking in Laminated Timber (2.85 MB)
Download this document for a detailed explanation of the different cracks and checking sometimes observed in structural laminated timber.
Techlam Glulam Specifications & Characteristics (716.06 KB)
This document provides an informative overview of the different grades and strengths of glulam, as well as useful information regarding it’s manufacture.
Fabricated Joint Examples (1.71 MB)
Looking for inspiration? This simple download contains many helpful images showing possible solutions to structural (and visual) joints.
Coatings (1.06 MB)
We can apply a range of different coatings to protect and visually enhance our glulaminated timber. Take a look at some of the products we recommend for your project.


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