Techlam Eziposts™

A cost effective option for uses where appearance is less critical, but strength and stability are a priority.

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Functional and economical

Typical uses for Ezi-Posts™ include large-scale entry posts, pergolas and posts that are not visual but are integral to strength of the structure.

Standard specifications

  • Planer finish
  • May have some minor visual imperfections
  • Treatment options: H3.2, H5
  • Sizes available 88×88, 112×112, 135×135, 180×180, 225×225, 270×270
  • Standard lengths 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.4m, 6.0m


Key Features

Plane and simple

Ezi-Posts™ come in standard lengths, with a non-sanded finish. A simple post solution for many projects where strength and durability are required, rather than appearance.

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