Working with Techlam

Working with Techlam NZ

To ensure a successful client relationship, we endeavour to work to the framework set out below. We do understand that not all projects will follow this exact format, but feel that this framework can assist with clarifying the different processes and responsibilities throughout our relationship.

Cost Estimate and Preliminary Design

At the early evaluation stage of a project, basic drawings in any format are suitable for Techlam to evaluate and to provide guidance on likely member sizes and project cost indication. Where a preliminary design is required to establish the scope of the project, the client will be liable for costs incurred by our design team and/or our engineers. We will always provide a quotation prior to proceeding. Upon successful presentation of our prelim design and cost estimate for full design and supply, with client approval, we can then proceed to full design.

Full Structural Design and Specification

Once we have agreement between Techlam and our client, we then proceed with full structural design and specification. Dependant on the scope, this will include relevant producer statements along with full plans and specifications for presenting to council.

Final Proposal

Upon completion of the full design, our QS team can then provide a detailed Schedule of Quantities, and dependant on scope, a fixed price proposal. Once we have client approval, we can then schedule the project into production.

Shop Drawings

As with other factory-manufactured components, prior to manufacture, fully dimensioned workshop drawings of the components must be created, including the location of all slots, pre drilling and penetrations as required. Techlam may provide this service as part of its scope of services agreed upon as above. Normally this process will take 20 – 30 days. In all cases, Techlam will require full client approval and sign off of these drawings, including sign off by the project Architect or Engineer as relevant. It is the responsibility of the client to check all quantity, volume, type of material, finish, grade etc, before approving shop drawings. Once shop drawings have been approved, and product manufactured, Techlam cannot accept responsibility for any Item/s not included, or differing from those items detailed in the shop drawings.

Manufacture and Delivery

After shop drawings have been approved by all parties, Techlam will then proceed with manufacture of the product, along with any required detailing set out in the scope. Whilst Techlam will provide indicative lead times for delivery, our lead-time will vary dependant on workload at time of acceptance. Accurate lead times can only be established upon approval of drawings, and we will always work with our client to ensure satisfactory delivery times.

Techlam Product Technical Specifications

Techlam provides Product Technical Statement ‘PTS’ sheets for specifiers to include in their specification. These statements can also assist with the acceptance of consents. Techlam takes no responsibility for their completeness or use, and specifiers as such are expected to prepare their own specification documents specific to each job. Our current PTS documents can be downloaded here. These documents are constantly being updated in response to industry experience and feedback from specifiers, designers and our clients.

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