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CNC Update – Our SCM Oikos XL

Exciting developments are in play at Techlam. Our new CNC 6 Axis Machine is now commissioned and is processing our glulam products.

It’s been great to see the SCM Install Team work on getting this machine running smoothly over the last couple of months. And more importantly, seeing it start to get our prefabricated products through the machine, detailed to perfection.

The Oikos XL, manufactured by SCM in Italy, allows automatic management and continuous processing of engineered timber elements with weight up to 4000kg and cross-section up to 1,250x500mm. This will mean a huge percentage of our glulam will be going through this centre. And anything the CNC is unable to process, will be completed by our team of skilled carpenters.

This project is part of our sustainable manufacturing project that was initiated in 2022. This part of the project significantly increases our capacity and will thus increase productivity. With the overall project including a new grading, docking and finger jointing line; We’re aiming to increase production by more than 30% and reduce waste currently going to landfill by 25%.

The team at Techlam are really looking forward to seeing this progress in the coming weeks. Already the CNC upgrade has made a huge difference in the prefabrication department.

See here, the Oikos XL in Action –

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