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Connect with Nature Through Techlam Glulam

Using Techlam Glulam in educational and healthcare structures can contribute to much more than a beautiful, strong building. Natural products, particularly the use of engineered timber products such as glulam, contribute to biophilia. Biophilia is the subconscious connection to nature, promoting wellness and an optimised atmosphere, especially in learning environments. The benefits of using timber in health and educational facilities have been proven time after time.

Using engineered timber in educational structures is modern, functional, and flexible. Recently Techlam has supplied glulaminated timber products to many educational facilities around the country such as Green School NZ, Waimea College and Hobsonville, Kerikeri and Mairangi Bay Early Childcare Centres.

By creating a space that blends the line between outdoors and in, timber products can provide the inhabitants with a connection to nature. The Kakapo Creek New Shoots Centre in Mairangi Bay has recently utilised glulam products to create an innovative and modern childcare centre. The disc-shaped roof structure was provided by Techlam to create an inspiring learning environment. It is both functional and welcoming.

Glulaminated timber is a flexible product, that can be used in many different situations. The team at Techlam can help solve design issues by offering innovative and modern solutions.

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