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Plan Carbon Zero Projects with Confidence

Creating carbon zero structures with Techlam glulaminated timber products is better and easier than using traditional steel materials.

This is because glulaminated timber stores carbon, and the greenhouse emissions used to make it are negligible when you compare it to the amount of carbon dioxide the timber has absorbed over the years of its growth. Timber grows naturally from the earth, is harvested and grows again – providing a sustainable way forward for construction and a 100% renewable resource.

To help you to plan carbon zero projects with confidence, Techlam in partnership with Thinkstep-anz  has created a ‘nutrition label’ that shows the end-to-end environmental impact of their glulam timber products. The findings from this exercise confirm that building a carbon zero structure with glulam products is not only possible, but relatively easy.

If further certifications or environmental criteria need to be met, like Greenstar, Homestar or Living Building Challenge, Techlam will recommend product options and provide the relevant supporting information needed to achieve these ratings.

Techlam supports carbon zero structures not only with their products, but with all the necessary technical documentation and on-call support needed to bring your project to life.

Some of Techlam’s recent carbon friendly projects include – Green School New Zealand, Kaipatiki Community Centre and Higgins’ HQ.

Techlam’s Environmental Credentials contain their Environmental Product Declaration which explains the carbon footprint of engineered wood products in more detail.

Read Techlam’s Environmental Credentials HERE.

Techlam is on-call to help you make your carbon zero project a reality – call them on 0800 832 452.

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