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Sustainable and efficient Construction using Timber

Our building industry needs to become less wasteful, less expensive and more sustainable.

Here at Techlam, we know that by using engineered timber products (EWP’s) in construction, we can ensure that carbon is banked for years to come. Provided engineered timber remains in service and is prevented from decomposing, it infinitely sequesters carbon at a rate of approx. 480 kg CO2 / M3. Compare this to other construction materials that generate very high levels of CO2 during their manufacture.

The table below shows the significant difference between engineered timber and steel/concrete.

Construction Material gms CO2 / kg kg CO2 / M3
Glulam -1141 -479
30 Mpa Concrete 159 376
Structural Steel 1242 9749

Innovations in mass timber, notably the production of engineered products such as Glulam, CLT and LVL, have brought the reality of carbon-neutral construction attainable on a large scale. When trees are harvested and replaced, mass timber can sequester significantly more carbon during their growth than what’s emitted during manufacture, transportation, and construction stages. Increased demand for sustainably sourced timber is helping with reforestation!

We’ve been saying for years that timber is an excellent material but, to engineer an efficient timber structure, it is necessary to have a holistic approach, and engage early with all stakeholders. Ensuring that all parties are involved right from the start guarantees a cost-effective solution can be achieved and makes timber the right and natural choice.

Contact one of our team today with your ideas; we are only too happy to share our knowledge.

Cheers, Brett

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