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Use Specifi Software to Design Structural Solutions with Techlam Glulam

Specifi was developed by experienced, professional New Zealand engineers and provides complete online residential engineering solutions for all structural elements and foundation needs. Highly efficient, precise, and safe, Specifi provides a comprehensive suite of industry-leading documentation – and the ability to design engineering solutions instantly, to keep projects moving.

The single biggest problem with all design software packages in the market, is that they are tailored to design only using a single manufacturers product. This means painful repetition and having to use multiple packages which is very inefficient and costly. Specifi however, enables the user to design entire projects from the foundations up. By default, it includes a large and growing range of Structural Elements.

The software is entirely free to use, with payment for design only required if design proceeds past prelim stage. This allows designers to provide quotations to their clients for the structural design, without having to contract an engineer!

Specifi allows the user to design a full suite of structural elements and all associated connections ensuring that the design meets New Zealand building codes – and that all loads ‘go to ground’ to meet regulations.

Designing with Specifi allows a range of foundations including TC1 and TC2 systems, standard and monolithic concrete, thickened slab edge, timber subfloors, masonry block foundation walls, waffle slab, strip masonry and beam grillage to be used. Ground improvement options are available and additional details such as shower rebates, underfloor heating and control joints can be included.

A suite of thousands of different connection drawings is pre-loaded and the final drawings and documentation that are issued are industry-leading, being developed in consultation with territorial authorities to ensure full compliance. Project and design summaries, project specific documentation (including specifications, details, calculations, QA summaries, PS1 and LBP forms), are provided along with a QR code to ensure access to the latest set of documents for consent and construction purposes.

Techlam has been working with the developers of Specifi for several years as it was developed and are pleased to advise that the full range of Techlam engineered timber is pre-loaded to the software. This can very easily and quickly be incorporated into designs, ensuring the use of premium materials.

When using Engineered Timber  benefits include,

–    less impact on the environment,

–    a faster and easier process throughout the project,

–    Much lighter, engineered timber has a better strength to weight ratio than steel and non-reinforced concrete

–    a better fire rating than steel

Techlam can also prefabricate solutions so that on site, all components can be assembled together with ease. Check out the product page for more details on their structural solutions, otherwise, head over to Specifi to start designing with their glulam range.

To register for Specifi, head to their website or contact us for more info.

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