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Wood in Architecture

Although used in the construction industry for many years, engineered glulaminated timber has seen a renaissance in recent times. Today it forms the backbone of many innovative and iconic construction projects throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific.

Using glulam engineered timber in design opens a world of possibilities. The product is flexible and incredibly strong and by using modern treatments, innovative connection systems and of course, your own ideas, you can create amazing spaces.

A huge advantage of glulam is its environmental credentials, which stack up well in an environment where green compliance is only going one way. The reality of low or carbon neutral construction relies heavily on the processes and products upstream – that’s where mass New Zealand timber plantings have a big role to play. These vast tree plantings sequester significantly more carbon during their growth than what is emitted through manufacture, transportation, and construction.

The ‘natural’ nature of engineered timber lends it to biophilic sustainable design principles* – and in practice human beings respond well to, and thrive within environments and structures created with engineered timber as a key element.

Techlam manufactures engineered timber from many different timber species, in a multitude of shapes and sizes – any type of curve is possible offering designers exciting possibility. Over the decades Techlam has helped create many one-of-a-kind structures which showcase nature’s beauty in new and different ways.

Ensuring the designer’s vision is realised is what Techlam does. With input early in the project, they help clients maximise their budgets and project efficiencies. With end-to-end project support, Techlam provides technical advice at any stage of the project.

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